Welcome to our Owl Jewellery Catalogue. In this catalogue we have featured all jewellery items related to Owls. You will find Owl Earrings, Owl Pendants and Owl Rings. Please read each individual product descriptions to learn more about our products. If you have any questions related to our products that you cannot find answers to, we can always help while you on our page. You can contact us Live via our site’s Live Chat located at the bottom of our page.

SKU: AMB0976
Weight: 2g
Dimensions: 16mm × 10mm × 5mm
SKU: AMB0928
Weight: 4g
Dimensions: 34mm × 10mm × 5mm
SKU: AMB0805
Weight: 2.5g
Dimensions: 25mm × 10mm × 5mm
SKU: AMB0073
Weight: 5.4g
Dimensions: 35mm × 11mm × 7mm
SKU: AMB0047
Weight: 2.3g
Dimensions: 12mm × 12mm × 5mm
SKU: AMB0046
Weight: 3.4g
Dimensions: 18mm × 18mm × 23mm
SKU: AMB0037
Weight: 3.2g
Dimensions: 35mm × 19mm × 7mm
SKU: A2PDT0590
Weight: 2.6g
Dimensions: 30mm × 12mm × 5mm