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Amber etc... Ltd is a direct importer of 925 Sterling silver jewellery with natural Baltic amber.  We have the largest variety of genuine Baltic amber jewellery in the UK. We also carry a number of ranges of Baltic amber jewellery in combination with turquoise as well as turquoise jewellery, coral jewellery or opal jewellery. As we have direct input into the manufacturing process we can finish our items with turquoise, coral, opal, or any stone of choice. Individual stone arrangements can be arranged as per the client's choice. We do not sell artificial amber. Only genuine Baltic amber.

Since 2007 Amber etc... ltd has been an instrumental Baltic amber jewellery supplier to hundreds of UK jewellery shops and catalog companies. Many jewellers who had the opportunity to try us as an auxiliary supplier found our product to be of higher quality and desirability thus choosing us as a main supplier. Contributory factors to using us as a main supplier also include our professional customer service system ensuring all matters are dealt with promptly and efficiently. Our analytical efforts measure product performance to allow our buyers to sell UK market-tested products with high desirability scores. Products on this website include a number of units available in the UK. 

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Video appointments offer a convenient method of having the same experience where you can have a much closer look at each product before you decide on it. Call our office to arrange a video call on the device of choice and time it suits you. We have been providing video appointment experience since 2020. Call us now to get started. Personal appointments can also be arranged.