About us

wholesale.jewellerymarketplace.co.uk website is used by Amber etc Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales under number: 6830405.

Amber etc Ltd is a direct importer and distributor of 925 sterling silver, gold plated silver and gold jewellery with Baltic amber and with many other semi-precious stones.

The purpose of this site to enable access for trade jewellers and wholesalers to our products. Discover the latest fashion in jewellery with semi-precious stones and shop from 1000's of items including pendants, necklaces, earrings, brooches, silver chains, bangles and bracelets and many more.
If you need any help setting up your trade account, please call us on 01204 895 514 Monday to Friday 9:00 - 6:00 and Saturday 10:00 - 2:00. 

Since 2007 we have been supplying local jewellery stores throughout the UK.  Thanks to our keen eye on UK jewellery trends and the buying power, our prices are very competitive and the jewellery is thoroughly checked before it dispatched to you. Who likes returns? Not many people that's why until we are 100% sure that the item you have ordered is up to standards, we check it, again and again, to make sure that once you got it in you will love it as much as we do.  Amber etc Ltd takes pride in our endeavours and maintains the highest possible standards of customer satisfaction. We have a separate CRM department to make sure you are fully satisfied with our products and services and monitor performance.

We do not offer direct public access however trade buyers may request an appointment. You can ring us on 01204895514 to arrange an appointment with our local agent or if you have any questions about our products or services. 

In our range of highly fashionable jewellery you will not only find Baltic amber. From the very beginning, we have been incorporating other stones such as Turquoise in 3 colour jewellery combination such as cognac amber, yellow amber and turquoise that have been especially popular throughout all seasons.