Information for Trade Customers

Jewellery Marketplace Wholesale and Jewellery Marketplace websites are run by Amber etc... Ltd registered in England and Wales under no.:6830405. 

Jewellery Marketplace Wholesale (this website) is an ordering system for UK jewellers to place purchase orders and buy jewellery for the shop. Login is required to see trade prices please see our Pricing policy below.

Jewellery Marketplace is a retail marketplace for UK Jewellers to reach a wider audience, to advertise locally and internationally and to list or/and sell their own products on our dedicated MARKETPLACE platform It is a one-stop shop for a modern buyer to buy jewellery and watches from reputable British Jewellers. If you don't have a website yet, Jewellery Marketplace will facilitate a STOREFRONT, a complete and ready-made website and an e-commerce solution designed with jewellery trade in mind. No technical experience is required. Jewellery Marketplace will work on your behalf as your IT department with full technical support. Read more about how to enable your online shop on Jewellery Marketplace here or call our UK office on 01204 895 514 

Information for Trade Jewellery Buyers

Pricing policy.

Unless you have a TRADE ID and are logged on to the system using your TRADE ID and password, all prices displayed will be RRP. Only Logged in TRADE BUYERS have access to trade prices and discounts. Non-registered users are shown Recommended Retail Price (or RRP) also called a "List price". 
List price will also be displayed to trade account users at the bottom of the product description as a guide retail price demonstrating potential profits.
For more information on List Price, please contact our office. 

Obtaining a TRADE ID

If you are a jewellery business and actively trading you can sign up for your TRADE ID and enable TRADE ACCESS please complete the registration form here and confirm by calling our office on 01204 895514. Successful confirmation will be followed by a welcome email containing a link to your account area where you will be requested to set up your secure password. Once the password is submitted you will have full access to TRADE VIEW.

Finding an item 

Type of available search tools:

  • Main menu: Search by type: Earrings, Pendants, Necklaces, Sets, etc...
  • Links menu: Catalogues by stone.
  • Search box: Type a keyword i.e.: Star
  • #HashTags: Catalogues by type, design, colour, etc. (Example:  #Stud Earrings#Cat Jewellery#Butterfly, #Cognac amber)

As we have a very extensive range of jewellery, to save time this site has some useful features to help you find what you are looking for. Each product description page has a list of #HashTags related to the product. This may be the type of stone, shape, style, colour, etc... So if for example you are only interested in #Cognac amber, clicking on the link will pull a nice list of products only relating to your #HashTag. You may also use our site's search engine and type a specific word. 

Placing an order

Trade Buyers must remember to Log In to TRADE VIEW. Please log in here using your TRADE ID and password. You will know you are logged in when "List Price" and "Price" on the product description page show different values. If both show the same value you are not logged in to TRADE VIEW. To order multiple of the same item, please enter the required number in the "Quantity" box and click "Add to cart". 

To check cart content click on the "View cart" link. If your order reached a discount threshold, an additional line including the type of discount name and percentage amount reduction relative to the value of items in the cart. You can also apply a promotional discount coupon to your order. Sometimes we email them to you at random. A full discount table for TRADE BUYERS is available here.  

If you are happy with your cart content and discounts and provided that you have met Minimum Order Requirement, you can proceed to "Checkout".


Fill out delivery and billing details. If you have placed orders with us before you choose from the list of your stored details to save you the trouble of retyping. If your billing address is the same as your delivery address tick the box " My billing information is the same as my delivery information." You might want to "Click to calculate shipping" button to make sure the correct amount is charged for delivery. P&P charges for TRADE BUYERS are available here.  

Payment methods

Please choose Check or money order if you are in the UK. We accept bank payments and cheques. PayPal option is for international customers without UK bank accounts. 
You may add a message to your order. If you want your order to be delivered on a specific day, etc... Then press Review Order, make sure all information is correct and press Submit Order. 
We will contact you shortly after to confirm your order. We will also advise you on delivery dates so you will know exactly when and what is coming helping you plan better. 

Stock and deliveries

If you need to order larger quantities of one product or products beyond our stock level or marked as "Out of Stock", please contact us directly. Items in UK stock are dispatched within 3 days. Items on purchase orders are processed, based on our estimate, a minimum of 28 days + 14 weeks for customs check. Full payment is required before an order or a purchase order is considered. If for some reason we can’t send all ordered items in one parcel any consecutive parcels will be delivered to you free of charge until the order is fully fulfilled. If for any other reason, we are unable to procure the ordered items, the difference will be deducted from your invoice and any overpayments refunded.

Any questions or problems you may have, please feel free to call our UK office. We are here to help and to further improve the service. Your satisfaction is very important to us. Our clients have known over the years that we DO care and we are grateful for your continued support.