About Our Jewellery

We only sell jewellery made from precious metals.

This means that all of our jewellery is made of precious metals, not base metals. 
When we use "Silver" in the item name or description this means that the item is 925 Sterling Silver. We also electroplate silver with 9ct gold and limited ranges are available.

9ct and 14ct Gold products and 9ct Gold Plated products are available per request however not always immediately available. Please call us for more info. 

We also follow closely what type of stones we use and ensure we provide the most accurate description from our verified source. Below we have covered the subject of gemstone types you can find in our jewellery ranges.

Amber Jewellery - We only use the real stuff. Unlike with some Asian imports, our amber is sourced from Poland, from the Baltic Sea region which is by far the best and most precious stone out of all types of amber in the world. Even thou the price nowadays can seem excessive for some stones, we still aim to deliver these fine fossils to customers who can appreciate their unique properties and their beauty. 

Amethyst Jewellery - We use VITRO material which is a very high-quality decorative vitrified material that has a permanent colour, is translucent, and highly polished. Our amethyst is of a darker shade for added distinction.

Blue Sandstone Jewellery - We use high-quality RESI stones. Both Goldstone and Blue Sandstone RESI a compounds of resins and colourful iridescence of different sizes of metallic molecules sunk in layers of resin material. 

Coral Jewellery - Our Coral is not natural so the environment is safe. It is our RECO type of stone. RECO is a kind of raw material a conglomerate of resin and minerals appearing in many different colours. Our RECO Coral is vibrant RED with black veins. 

Malachite Jewellery - Our Malachite is our RECO type of stone. RECO is a kind of raw material a conglomerate of resin and minerals appearing in many different colours. Our RECO Malachite is vibrant GREEN with black veins. 

Opal Jewellery - We use brand new RESI Opal stones. RESI Opal is a completely redeveloped type of opal imitation however as most imitations lack the iridescence and light reflection effect, our new RESI Opal is hard to tell from the real thing. Although we have only just launched limited collections, we have been inundated with orders. Our RESI Opal jewellery is by far the most popular product that people in the UK love. We are working to expand all of our collections to have this amazing stone in 2016 so stay tuned for updates or pre-order your favourite collection now to be the first to have it in.

Turquoise Jewellery - Our Turquoise is our RECO type of stone. RECO is a kind of raw material a conglomerate of resin and minerals appearing in many different colours. Our RECO Turquoise is vibrant BLUE with black veins. 

All of the above are in full compliance with the standards of the UK Jewellery trade. Most jewellers sell those types of stones under different brand names. We are just honest and prefer to tell you exactly what you are investing in and also to protect you from paying over the RRP. 

If you are a jewellery manufacturer and you are interested in our fabulous stones, we can certainly help. At this time we have over 50 different types of stones available for special orders. Call our office on 01204 895 514 and find out how can we help. If you are our Trade Customer we will also welcome any suggestions as to what kind of stones you would like to see next in our ranges. 

Product images 

Some say we take pictures with a potato. Almost true. As our company provided B2B services to trade jewellery companies for many years based on product codes, images were used for reorder reference only as our clients were perfectly aware of our products features and design that often our current images fail to show.

It is regrettable but in the future we will be taking higher quality images to better reflect jewellery features, stone colours and inclusions that our current images fail to do so.

We are glad that first time buyers who bought our jewellery after finding our site in google or bing or other search engines, have blessed us with their kind words such as: "your jewellery is way nicer that on our photos rather than the opposite like with some companies...".

In any case, if you don't like it, you can return it and we are not going to get upset. It's your right.

Thanks for taking the time to read this information and we hope it was of help but if you are still not sure why not give us a call. We are here Monday to Friday from 9:00am – 6:00pm and Saturdays from 10:00am till 4:00pm.