Explore our catalogue of Heart Shaped Jewellery. 

Heart Love Jewellery range is what you need to say I Love You. With variety of stones in variety of colours, choose your favourite one to keep.All set in solid sterling silver. 

SKU: AMB0052
Weight: 1.2g
Dimensions: 24mm × 13mm × 3mm
SKU: AMB1053
Weight: 4.5g
Dimensions: 31mm × 25mm × 10mm
SKU: AMB0460
Weight: 5.6g
Dimensions: 30mm × 17mm × 17mm
SKU: AMB0220
Weight: 1.2g
Dimensions: 24mm × 13mm × 3mm
SKU: AMB0131
Weight: 4.2g
Dimensions: 30mm × 26mm × 3mm
SKU: AMB0130
Weight: 3.4g
Dimensions: 32mm × 23mm × 3mm
SKU: AMB0126
Weight: 1.7g
Dimensions: 25mm × 15mm × 4mm
SKU: AMB0062
Weight: 3.5g
Dimensions: 30mm × 22mm × 6mm
SKU: AMB0050
Weight: 6g
Dimensions: 25mm × 19mm × 3mm
SKU: AMB0655
Weight: 8.4g
Dimensions: 40mm × 29mm × 4mm