Welcome to our handmade hand crafted  Jewellery catalogue. Please take a moment to read more about each product, its size, type of precious metal, finish and type of stone used in our jewellery. Our handmade jewellery are made by highly skilled silversmiths and thoroughly inspected and approved by us before being sold to the public. Each item sold will be inspected and catalogued before being sent to you. Please note, handmade, hand crafted items may vary slightly in shape, weight and colour. You may request a picture set with a selection of the same item to choose from otherwise one, closely resembling one pictured will be send to you. We adhere to Long Distance Selling Policy so if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase you may return it to us within 14 days. More information about easy returns can be found here. We use metric system with millimetres for size and grams for weight.

SKU: AMB0913
Weight: 2.4g
Dimensions: 38mm × 14mm × 9mm
SKU: AMB0230
Weight: 4.3g
Dimensions: 42mm × 17mm × 18mm
SKU: AMB1228
Weight: 13.3g
Dimensions: 27mm × 25mm × 42mm
SKU: AMB1223
Weight: 10.1g
Dimensions: 32mm × 20mm × 32mm
SKU: AMB1221
Weight: 15g
Dimensions: 31mm × 31mm × 32mm
SKU: AMB1219
Weight: 9.8g
Dimensions: 27mm × 23mm × 37mm
SKU: AMB1218
Weight: 19.9g
Dimensions: 65mm × 22mm × 64mm
SKU: AMB1190
Weight: 14.8g
Dimensions: 50mm × 70mm × 10mm
SKU: AMB1188
Weight: 9.3g
Dimensions: 25mm × 20mm × 9mm
SKU: AMB1184
Weight: 8.5g
Dimensions: 23mm × 20mm × 12mm