#Cognac amber

Selection of jewellery with cognac amber. Some also call this colour Honey because its closely resembles the colour of honey. If you ever visit the Baltic, the most likely colour of amber you'll find washed up on the beach is cognac amber. Our cognac amber is 100% natural and sourced from the Baltic Region.  All of our cognac amber jewellery is carefully selected for its natural beauty.

SKU: AMB1195
Weight: 2.1g
Dimensions: 30mm × 15mm × 8mm
SKU: AMB1196
Weight: 4.2g
Dimensions: 50mm × 20mm × 5mm
SKU: AMB1194
Weight: 3.1g
Dimensions: 200mm × 21mm × 5mm
SKU: AMB1193
Weight: 1.7g
Dimensions: 27mm × 12mm × 3mm
SKU: AMB1192
Weight: 2g
Dimensions: 29mm × 12mm × 5mm
SKU: AMB1189
Weight: 2.5g
Dimensions: 29mm × 16mm × 4mm
SKU: AMB1188
Weight: 9.3g
Dimensions: 25mm × 20mm × 9mm
SKU: AMB1184
Weight: 8.5g
Dimensions: 23mm × 20mm × 12mm
SKU: AMB1177
Weight: 2.6g
Dimensions: 39mm × 13mm × 5mm
SKU: AMB1176
Weight: 8g
Dimensions: 45mm × 45mm × 12mm