Amber etc Amber and Silver Bee Pendant - medium


Beautiful Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Amber and Silver Bee Pendant - medium. 

This pendant is a fantastic display of the various shades of Baltic Amber and exceptionally skilful craftsmanship. It is a very unusual and unique Sterling Silver Bee pendant. Each item is unique as it is hand crafted and may vary a little from the picture above. You can request picture samples before we send one out to you to make sure you love it as much as we do. Other items to match this products can be seen under #Bees below add to cart button. 

Taking millions of years in the making, Baltic Amber has become a highly prized gemstone admired for its colours, inclusions, inner depth and sweet candy-like looks. Read more about Baltic Amber in customer  information section. 

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Product weight: ~ 10.3 gram 
Metal: 925 Sterling silver 
Finish: High polish 
Stone arrangement: Shades of cognac amber, cherry amber, butterscotch amber. (you may request picture samples to hand pick) 
Chain: Not included, see chain section.

Customer advice

If you are not sure what to chose for your order, why not give us a call or talk to us from the site (whenever available online) and we will help you choose. No pushy sales people here, just good honest business advice from people in the trade. Call us on 01204 895 514 lines are open 9:00am - 6:00pm GMT.

SKU: AMB0001
List price: £619.00
Price: £619.00
Weight: 10.3g
Dimensions: 46mm × 40mm × 11mm

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