The journey begins. Creation of a new e-commerce site for Amber Etc...

Why anyone needs a website anywhere?

I think everybody knows these days that having a website is a must. Whether you want to make sure your local customers can find your phone number, find out if you do engraving or repairs or maybe you want to sell your goods to wider audience. Well, having the right solution that will be able to keep up with technological advancements is the key as I have had the "pleasure" to experience my wholesale site not being able to process orders last week. 

Many companies offer all kinds of solutions, there are those like ASOS or MOONFRUIT that help set up your own shop window at a small fixed monthly amount. It's great if you work from home and have 20 types of items on for sale but what if you have over a thousand? Thinking of monthly fees for a shop of that capacity gives me goose bumps. Not to mention the stress running that kind of operation on a third party system. Not saying it's bad,  just from my perspective unnecessary.

What is the alternative? Well, if you like me, enjoy the independents from service providers and have vast IT expertise you can plan your IT structure yourself and not be dictated by SP's what I can do or not. Let me run you through my back ground. Back in the 90' I have worked for an interactive .com company helping maximise profits based on available technology and my industry contacts in the Silicon Valley. Together we have collaborated to use and improve on available technology and developing e-commerce products.  

So last week when my Dear new customer Sarah phoned me to tell me that my old site is down I went to a panic state. It is my shop front, it can't be shut. You have probably used my old site to view and order products so not having the site up is bad just for business and I cannot apologise enough if you couldn't access my site last week.  Immediate action had to be made and after a thorough research I have made a decision to use my IT expertise  and put it to good use. Instead of patching up the old shop site or using external e-commerce providers I went the developer route and did at all myself again. This time the web site is using its own operating system like your laptop or a smartphone and using the latest HTML5 programming language that is a new industry standard so your latest iPad or Laptop can read this site and quickly show on your device.  

I always say that any normal person would just pay someone to build a e-commerce shop because for a newbie to web creation it is insanely difficult and requires the ability to map the entire system to fully understand its functionalities and dependencies.  You can do that once you understand each program that runs on the server but again it's not in any way a small task. If you are reading this and found this site via social media or a search engine it because there is a program running on this site that helped you find this content with ease. Nevertheless it is insanely difficult to build a safe, secure and user friendly shop site so who's better to do this.  
Any comments are appreciated if are to help to further improve the overall user experience.  

Piotr Miecznikowski 
founder and CEO at Amber Etc... Ltd.